About Us
Campus International is an  independent voice aiding overseas education since January 2002. Since its existence, Campus International has been instrumental in enrolling more than 100 students per year at foreign Universities based in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. The overall recruited student number has  crossed 1000 and we are distinguished as a student centered enterprise committed in equipping students  with a vision and a global perpespective in a challenging, fast changing world.
Guidance While Choosing the Right University & the Right CourseGuidance While Choosing the Right University & the Right Course
arowTo offer complete solutions to all our students

arow Guide aspiring  student  to realize their immense potential.

arow To be the best and the most sought after overseas education advisor.
arow We  believe that a student with potential and resource has a right to choose his destiny.

arow "Member of the Association of International Education Consultants (AIEC)" and "Member of Association of Accredited advisors on Overseas education (AAAOE)"

arow We offer all our services free of charge.
arowPutting students at the centre of our efforts and value structure

arow Maximize educational opportunities

arow Referring motivated, qualified and diverse students.
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